Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hello Sixth Grade Families!

Welcome to my class website! We will go over it together in class so you can see the different things that I have set up and you can make suggestions for things that you would like to have added. I'm looking forward to starting this school year and getting to know all of you tomorrow!

~Mr. Funk

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Wednesday is a day everybody likes. School starting late helps everybody (almost). This Wednesday started out good. Our class began the day with a warm up of science workbook pages and spelling workbook pages. People started turning them in, so I started working. After warm up, Mr. Funk started calling out chromebooks, so people could start to finish up on their state reports, D.A.R.E. reports, and Student Treasures Publishing Book. I turned in my state report which was on Hawaii. I was about add my final touches to my D.A.R.E. report when Mr. Funk told #33-20 to log out and turn our chromebooks in. I took my computer to the cart and sat back down. Table groups started lining up for recess. Many of the boys (including me) were upset that we had to line up in number order. We had to wait until our lines were good to go outside for recess. I don't know how it happened, but our number order line restriction was lifted. The boys were happy, but noisy. The girls had to line up in number order. The boys happily went off to recess with the girls following behind. So the moral of the story is : Be good. You will be rewarded. Eh. Too classic. The new moral of the story is : With great privileges comes great responsibility. 


Monday, March 21, 2016

Living Museum Video

Did you know that Miss Landis put together a video of our class and Mrs. Lack's class when we had our Living Museum? Watch it below!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Being Grateful

 Everybody should always be thankful for what they have, Thanksgiving or not. That's what I learned today. Being absent for two days last week, I had to take a benchmark test. Yet I was irritated, not being prepared. But after a while, not only did I realize that it wasn't a test to be prepared for and a test that measures your general knowledge, but I figured that if I were to be in middle school or high school at that moment, I wouldn't get a second chance, and I would be in BIG trouble. So, today I learned that Thankfulness comes in handy to help you in the future with Reality.
             It definitely isn't our fault if we happen to get sick and we can't go to school. But School isn't the only place that gives you education. Life itself can teach you only so many lessons in just one day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

State Reports and Published Books

Today we started the day off with some writing. We were allowed to either research and write notes for our state report, or write our story for a published book that our class was going to make. For the state report, we were suppose to write down some notes on a piece of paper Mr. Funk gave us, then start writing a report about our state. When we finished our report, we would use the information to make a state float. I am really excited about making the float because it seems really fun to design a float to represent your state. I am also looking forward to writing a story for my class's published book. Everyone is suppose to write a story that can be fiction or non-fiction. We would put the stories together in a book that would get published. That is one of the main things we did today, and I am really looking forward to working more on these projects.


Monday, March 14, 2016


Today in class we started off our day with a spelling test about all the different there's. After science lab we made a story non-fiction or fiction with different rules that we had to include in our story. Then in social studies we continued learning about colonies and the Revolutionary War.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016


         As we got into the class a shrieking echo shot out of our classroom. A classmate next to me jumped in panic and made me giggle. I could hear Mr. Funk give a low sigh of impatience and disappointment although I didn't mind missing extra class time. As we walked out the door I could see kids dragging their feet droopily along the floor with annoyance. I could see we hadn't started the day off on a good start. Teachers were frantically running around and making sure they hadn’t lost children. The classes were sitting in a line tired and probably regretting getting up for school today. Mrs. Galleti came up on the loudspeaker and announced it hadn't been a drill.

    Suddenly I could see red flashing lights in the distance and people started to whisper to their friends and shout firemen, firemen! Mrs. Galleti came on the loudspeakers again and announced that balloons touching the ceiling turned on the fire alarm? Why and how could balloons touching the ceiling turn on the fire alarm?! As we walked back to our class I again say people who were clearly annoyed and heard sentences will utter anger including “why did they made us do that” and “ that was stupid, balloons”. I just sighed and made my way back to the classroom.

      When we got back to the classroom everybody started talking and Mr. Funk had the sudden urge to say ‘waterfall’ as he always does. Many people had started quieting down but some refused. Mr. Funk had then told us to grab a piece of binder paper and write a reflection about how we liked the living Museum. I of course had many thoughts some good and some bad and I could tell my classmates had them too. After we were done he asked us to write a number at the bottom of the page. We are supposed to read the whiteboard when we come in everyday and there was a number at the bottom. Many people had not read the board and were very upset. I didn't read the board either but I didn't care, I mean no student is perfect. My day wasn't going great and it all started by that crazy morning.


Monday, March 7, 2016

Living Museum

Today was another one of those busy days, but it was good. We had the Living Museum  and many classes came to see us with our costumes and artifacts on our table. Some of our parents came and saw us present our speeches. Before the Living Museum I wasn't that nervous but I was afraid that I would forget my lines. And unfortunately I did forget my lines a couple times. I also had a hard time putting my artifacts up on the table on time. But the rest of the things went well. I hope to do something like this (but a little easier) in the future.  


Friday, March 4, 2016

Living Museum Prep

Today was the day right before the big day, WHERE YOU HAVE TO SPEAK TO ALL THE CLASSES ABOUT YOUR SPEECH! Everyone is supposed to hustle and get their artifacts, memorized speech, and photo done! I was nervous because public speaking is not really my regular thing. Luckily, I was prepared, sort of. My mom and I worked on the remaining artifacts, and we did a lot of research on recently played basketball games. Yes, it was really tiring. So far, the artifacts were the hardest part. At school, the last minute Living Museum Prep was taking up part of the day. After recess, Mrs. Lack came in for storytime. I thought she came in for the Living Museum stuff. Her class is doing it too. I think everyone's nervous, especially me because I don't like memorizing speeches. I wish everyone luck on their speeches tomorrow!


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tuesday Speeches

One of the things we did today for speeches were really awesome. Some people wore mustaches and a person (which was me) wore a mustache and a wig! Some people memorized their speech, some people brought note cars and some people brought papers to help them with their speeches but some people forgot their papers so they couldn't practice their speeches yesterday (Tuesday) and today (Wednesday). I kinda felt sad for them. But, fortunately, I got to go! Yay! I had a feeling of fear, nervousness and happiness inside myself. Many people brought their persons' pictures and the ten artifacts but sadly some people forgot both their 10 artifacts AND their persons' picture. But it was really fun seeing many people do their speeches. Some people said jokes about them, some people brought weird/funny props and some even did something fun with their props! I wish tomorrow will be the same thing and I wish that they would be as fun to watch.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Science Lab

What we did in science lab that was pretty cool was that we talked about “you can't make something out of nothing!” So really we were talking about photosynthesis. But after we switched gears we did something pretty cool but also a little scary. What Mrs Holder told us to do was fill a little container up that is the width of our pinky. Then Mrs Holder passed around 1 antacid pill. Which we will have to put in the water ourselves. She did advise us to put the cap on really quickly. We were all scared. Suddenly we heard a POP or BANG! It was one of our containers exploding towards the ceiling. Another one and another and another they were just blowing up! Some  sadly didn't blow up. I called those ones a dud. Mrs Holder announced that she was going to pick them up. But someone said “What about the ones that didn't blow up?”  KKAAABANG. Suddenly someone else’s exploded on our table, I jumped out of my seat! Then it turned 9:45 and we had to leave the science lab. That was probably the coolest science blowing-up-things project I have ever done.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Living Museum

One of my favorite things that my class and I did today in school was writing. I enjoyed doing writing today because I found out that my class will be doing the Living Museum. The Living Museum is where each person in our class would present a speech in front of kindergartners, first graders, second graders, third graders and so on. The speech is going to be about an important African American that did something that impacts our world. For this project, everyone in my class has to pick an African American of our liking. One of the “rules” was that two people can not be the same person, though 1 person can be someone like Matt Baker and the other could be Johnny Bright. After recess my class and I went to Mrs. Lack’s class to learn things we should do to make our speech mesmerizing. At the end of our lesson for the Living Museum each person told their peers how they might start their speech. For instance, “Good morning, my name is _____, and I’m most famous for _____. Therefore I really enjoyed starting the Living Museum and I’m really excited to do a presentation or speech that involves so many wonderful and exciting things.