Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Being Grateful

 Everybody should always be thankful for what they have, Thanksgiving or not. That's what I learned today. Being absent for two days last week, I had to take a benchmark test. Yet I was irritated, not being prepared. But after a while, not only did I realize that it wasn't a test to be prepared for and a test that measures your general knowledge, but I figured that if I were to be in middle school or high school at that moment, I wouldn't get a second chance, and I would be in BIG trouble. So, today I learned that Thankfulness comes in handy to help you in the future with Reality.
             It definitely isn't our fault if we happen to get sick and we can't go to school. But School isn't the only place that gives you education. Life itself can teach you only so many lessons in just one day.