Tuesday, March 8, 2016


         As we got into the class a shrieking echo shot out of our classroom. A classmate next to me jumped in panic and made me giggle. I could hear Mr. Funk give a low sigh of impatience and disappointment although I didn't mind missing extra class time. As we walked out the door I could see kids dragging their feet droopily along the floor with annoyance. I could see we hadn't started the day off on a good start. Teachers were frantically running around and making sure they hadn’t lost children. The classes were sitting in a line tired and probably regretting getting up for school today. Mrs. Galleti came up on the loudspeaker and announced it hadn't been a drill.

    Suddenly I could see red flashing lights in the distance and people started to whisper to their friends and shout firemen, firemen! Mrs. Galleti came on the loudspeakers again and announced that balloons touching the ceiling turned on the fire alarm? Why and how could balloons touching the ceiling turn on the fire alarm?! As we walked back to our class I again say people who were clearly annoyed and heard sentences will utter anger including “why did they made us do that” and “ that was stupid, balloons”. I just sighed and made my way back to the classroom.

      When we got back to the classroom everybody started talking and Mr. Funk had the sudden urge to say ‘waterfall’ as he always does. Many people had started quieting down but some refused. Mr. Funk had then told us to grab a piece of binder paper and write a reflection about how we liked the living Museum. I of course had many thoughts some good and some bad and I could tell my classmates had them too. After we were done he asked us to write a number at the bottom of the page. We are supposed to read the whiteboard when we come in everyday and there was a number at the bottom. Many people had not read the board and were very upset. I didn't read the board either but I didn't care, I mean no student is perfect. My day wasn't going great and it all started by that crazy morning.