Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tuesday Speeches

One of the things we did today for speeches were really awesome. Some people wore mustaches and a person (which was me) wore a mustache and a wig! Some people memorized their speech, some people brought note cars and some people brought papers to help them with their speeches but some people forgot their papers so they couldn't practice their speeches yesterday (Tuesday) and today (Wednesday). I kinda felt sad for them. But, fortunately, I got to go! Yay! I had a feeling of fear, nervousness and happiness inside myself. Many people brought their persons' pictures and the ten artifacts but sadly some people forgot both their 10 artifacts AND their persons' picture. But it was really fun seeing many people do their speeches. Some people said jokes about them, some people brought weird/funny props and some even did something fun with their props! I wish tomorrow will be the same thing and I wish that they would be as fun to watch.