Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Science Lab

What we did in science lab that was pretty cool was that we talked about “you can't make something out of nothing!” So really we were talking about photosynthesis. But after we switched gears we did something pretty cool but also a little scary. What Mrs Holder told us to do was fill a little container up that is the width of our pinky. Then Mrs Holder passed around 1 antacid pill. Which we will have to put in the water ourselves. She did advise us to put the cap on really quickly. We were all scared. Suddenly we heard a POP or BANG! It was one of our containers exploding towards the ceiling. Another one and another and another they were just blowing up! Some  sadly didn't blow up. I called those ones a dud. Mrs Holder announced that she was going to pick them up. But someone said “What about the ones that didn't blow up?”  KKAAABANG. Suddenly someone else’s exploded on our table, I jumped out of my seat! Then it turned 9:45 and we had to leave the science lab. That was probably the coolest science blowing-up-things project I have ever done.